Moonshine Still – Process

Making a low temp moonshine still is similar to a standard still except the equipment suckz instead of blowing the vapors.
Note the small red arrows. They point the direction of vapor flow through the apparatus.
1.) The liquid to be distilled starts in a used pressure cooker and is pulled into the still thumper.
2.) The thumper should be partially filled so that the vapor has to bubble though fluid to the top of the thumper. This helps to concentrate the ethanol vapors and filters out some undesirable compounds.
3.) The vapor runs from the thumper and through the condenser coil spiral. The still condenser filled with ice condenses the vapors to liquid.
4.) The collection jar fills with distillate from the condenser.
5.) A filter stands between the collector and the vacuum pump to minimize vapors running through the pump.

Only operate any still outdoors. Obtain all required building, safety, federal and state permits and licenses before operating your still.