Moonshine Still – Machining – Drill & Tap

Select the correct drill bit size for your tap. For example, a 1/2″ tap needs a 45/64″ drill bit. Use Lots of lubricant for both drilling and tapping. Drill with highest speed but gentle pressure, let the drill do the work. Stop frequently and add more lubricant. Dont worry, you can clean it all up later.  Use tap slowly only with a tap wrench and apply even pressure to both ends of the tap wrench. At the start, be careful to keep perpendicular to the surface. Frequently stop and back the tap out, brush away filings, and add liberal amounts of lubricant.

1/4 – 18                 7/16
3/8 – 18                 9/16
1/2 – 14                 45/64
Note: NPT = national pipe thread

Application of Teflon tape to pipe is easy once you practice.
First, pretend you are a nut(lol),  and wrap the tape in the same direction as the nut would turn to tighten the pipe thread= clockwise or ‘righty-tighty’. Leave the first couple threads without tape to avoid cross threading. With this technique the female fitting will pull and tighten the tape tighter- key for waterproofing or vacuum still sealing.


Only operate any still outdoors. Obtain all required building, safety, federal and state permits and licenses before operating your still.