Make a Moonshine Still – New LOW temperature vacuum still system

1. Moonshine Still – Process

2. Moonshine Still – Theory

3. Build a Moonshine Still – Materials Bill, Component List

4. Moonshine Still – Machining – Drill & Tap

5. Moonshine Still – Low temp vacuum Thumper Assembly

6. Moonshine Still – Low Temp Vacuum Condenser Assembly

7. Moonshine Still Connections Diagram and Photos

8. Moonshine Still – Fermentation Chemical Boiling Points

9. Moonshine Still – Vacuum Boiling Temperature Vs Pressure Chart

Moonshine still -low temperature:  the two stage vacuum pump pulls hard, notice the gage is pegged. This pictured set up is typically used for HVAC to pull out refrigerant gas, if buying new, get the warrantee…ethanol gas is tough on the pump. A single stage pump is useful, but you really need the two stage pump to make a still near room temperature. There are better vacuum gages available for vacuum distillation that show an enlarged near detail; using a better gage and writing down moonshine details will lead to better and more consistent product.

Moonshine still – vacuum distillation