Still Tutorial
Homemade still - How to build a still - Reflux still construction - Step by Step Copper still plans
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Building and operating a still is a fun, easy and very economical hobby that can yield many different useful products such as pure water, essential oils, and yes, even ethanol alcohol.

With gas prices rising every day, making your own ethanol to power your vehicle has become a very attractive alternative fuel source that can be made from corn, sugar and many other sources.

Before you begin distilling your own fuel, you'll need to obtain a Federal Alcohol Fuel Plant permit from here and any associated state and local permits. All are free and easy to obtain. Not only that, but if you distill your own fuel, you will qualify for a .38 to .60 cent per gallon Tax Refund for every gallon you distill!! How awesome is that!?

This FREE tutorial will guide you through building the column reflux still, pictured to the left, every step of the way including:
  • Soldering (sweating) pipe joints
  • Materials list
  • Suppliers
  • Still construction
  • Recipes

This 3 and 1/2 foot tall still was designed to distill vapors from a 40 gallon boiler, but in testing has proven that it can even handle 55 gallon batches! This is a very effecient design. First runs with no packing (the reflux column filled with marbles) yeild 86-91% alcohol every time.

This tutorial is packed with useful images that provide a visual guide to help you understand part placement and orientation. Here are some samples of what you can expect inside:

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started! >>